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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 62

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 2 श्लोक 62

ध्यायतो विषयान्पुंसः सङ्गस्तेषूपजायते।
सङ्गात् संजायते कामः कामात्क्रोधोऽभिजायते।।2.62।।

हिंदी अनुवाद - स्वामी रामसुख दास जी ( भगवद् गीता 2.62)

।।2.62 2.63।।विषयोंका चिन्तन करनेवाले मनुष्यकी उन विषयोंमें आसक्ति पैदा हो जाती है। आसक्तिसे कामना पैदा होती है। कामनासे क्रोध पैदा होता है। क्रोध होनेपर सम्मोह (मूढ़भाव) हो जाता है। सम्मोहसे स्मृति भ्रष्ट हो जाती है। स्मृति भ्रष्ट होनेपर बुद्धिका नाश हो जाता है। बुद्धिका नाश होनेपर मनुष्यका पतन हो जाता है।

Rudra Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

Having pointed out the defect of not having the external physical senses under control, the defect in not having the mind under control is now being given in these two verses. For one who is given to dreaming about sensual pursuits considering them worthy of indulgence a strong attachment develops for them. From this strong attachment arises addicting desires for them, from these addicting desires flares up anger when these addicting desires are not satisfied. Bhagavad-Gita:

Brahma Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

There is no commentary for this verse.

Shri Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

There is no commentary for this verse.

Kumara Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

Lord Krishna states that one who contemplates sensual objects like form and touch develops in the mind attachment for them in the form of lust deluded into believing such objects to be the root cause of apparent happiness. From this attachment springs desire which is but a modification of attachment. Sometimes one is able to gratify ones senses by enjoying these sense objects. At that time a particular state of mind arises where one becomes enslaved and controlled by the desire of the very same object one is seeking so desperately to exploit. Other times ones desires are thwarted and obstructed and unfulfilled in satisfying ones desire to experience sense objects leads to frustration which is also a modification of the mind. At this time anger is directed in fury towards whatever it was that became the obstacle that blocked ones gratification.