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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 37

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 3 श्लोक 37

श्री भगवानुवाच
काम एष क्रोध एष रजोगुणसमुद्भवः।
महाशनो महापाप्मा विद्ध्येनमिह वैरिणम्।।3.37।।

हिंदी अनुवाद - स्वामी रामसुख दास जी ( भगवद् गीता 3.37)

।।3.37।।श्रीभगवान् बोले रजोगुणसे उत्पन्न हुआ यह काम ही क्रोध है। यह बहुत खानेवाला और महापापी है। इस विषयमें तू इसको ही वैरी जान।

Shri Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

The most powerful obstruction in their pursuit of jnana yoga or the path of cultivating Vedic knowledge is kama or lust. The intense addiction to enjoy sense objects. This addiction is fueled by past habits such as remembering senses enjoyed or by senses frustrated in the attempt to satisfy ones desires. Because the person is helplessly attached to the attraction and aversion of the three gunas or goodness , passion and nescience which are constantly fluctuating the mind and senses influencing all beings. This kama is a most powerful enemy and exerting its power compels a person to enter into its province of sense delights in pursuit of pleasure. Then if by chance while in the pursuit of sense delights ones desires are thwarted or frustrated then this same lust transforms itself into intense krodha or anger. Enacting sinful actions in the attempt to satisfy ones frustrated senses even if futilely and prepared to perpetrate even violent acts against anyone that thwarts in any way the gratification of their senses. It should be known that kama and krodha arise from rajas guna or the mode of passion and it is a very hostile adversary to those who are engaged in jnana yoga.