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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 41

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 6 श्लोक 41

प्राप्य पुण्यकृतां लोकानुषित्वा शाश्वतीः समाः।
शुचीनां श्रीमतां गेहे योगभ्रष्टोऽभिजायते।।6.41।।

English Translation - Swami Gambirananda

6.41 Attaining the worlds of the righteous, and residing there for eternal years, the man fallen from Yoga is born in the house of the pious and the properous.

English Translation of Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary

6.41 This person, who had wandered away from Yoga because of desire for whatever kind of enjoyments, he will gain those very enjoyments through the excellence of Yoga alone. Having attained to the worlds of those who do meritorious acts, he will dwell there for a long time, i.e., till his desire for such enjoyments gets exhausted. Then, devoid of desire for these enjoyment, this person who has swerved from Yoga at the very beginning of Yoga, is born, by virtue of the excellence of Yoga, in a family of those who are competent to practise Yoga.

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 6.41

Praapya punyakritaam lokaanushitwaa shaashwateeh samaah; Shucheenaam shreemataam gehe yogabhrashto’bhijaayate.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 6.41

prāpya—attain; puṇya-kṛitām—of the virtuous; lokān—abodes; uṣhitvā—after dwelling; śhāśhvatīḥ—many; samāḥ—ages; śhuchīnām—of the pious; śhrī-matām—of the prosperous; gehe—in the house; yoga-bhraṣhṭaḥ—the unsuccessful yogis; abhijāyate—take birth; atha vā—else; yoginām—of those endowed with divine wisdom; eva—certainly; kule—in the family; bhavati—take birth; dhī-matām—of the wise; etat—this; hi—certainly; durlabha-taram—very rare; loke—in this world; janma—birth; yat—which; īdṛiśham—like this