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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 5 Verse 2

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 5 श्लोक 2

श्री भगवानुवाच
संन्यासः कर्मयोगश्च निःश्रेयसकरावुभौ।
तयोस्तु कर्मसंन्यासात्कर्मयोगो विशिष्यते।।5.2।।

English Translation - Swami Gambirananda

5.2 The Blessed Lord said Both renunciation of actions and Karma-yoga lead to Liberation. Between the two, Karma-yoga, however, excels over renunciation of actions.

English Translation of Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary

5.2 The Lord said Even while granting that some persons are competent for the practice of Jnana Yoga exclusively, it has to be conceded that renunciation, i.e., Jnana Yoga, and Karma Yoga can be practised as independent of each other in the pursuit of the highest excellence. Still, of these two, Karma Yoga excels over the renunciation of actions, i.e., Jnana Yoga. Sri Krsna explains why this is so.

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 5.2

Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha: Sannyaasah karmayogashcha nihshreyasakaraa vubhau; Tayostu karmasannyaasaat karmayogo vishishyate.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 5.2

śhrī-bhagavān uvācha—the Supreme Lord said; sanyāsaḥ—renunciation; karma-yogaḥ—working in devotion; cha—and; niḥśhreyasa-karau—lead to the supreme goal; ubhau—both; tayoḥ—of the two; tu—but; karma-sanyāsāt—renunciation of actions; karma-yogaḥ—working in devotion; viśhiṣhyate—is superior