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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 6

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 3 श्लोक 6

कर्मेन्द्रियाणि संयम्य य आस्ते मनसा स्मरन्।
इन्द्रियार्थान्विमूढात्मा मिथ्याचारः स उच्यते।।3.6।।

English Translation - Swami Sivananda

3.6 He who, restraining the organs of action, sits thinking of the sense-objects in mind, he of deluded understanding is called a hypocrite.

English Commentary - Swami Sivananda

3.6 कर्मेन्द्रियाणि organs of action? संयम्य restraining? यः who? आस्ते sits? मनसा by the mind? स्मरन् remembering? इन्द्रियार्थान् senseobjects? विमूढात्मा of deluded understanding? मिथ्याचारः hypocrite? सः he? उच्यते is called.Commentary The five organs of action? Karma Indriyas? are Vak (organ of speech)? Pani (hands)? Padam (feet)? Upastha (genitals) and Guda (anus). They are born of the Rajasic portion of the five Tanmatras or subtle elements Vak from the Akasa Tanmatra (ether)? Pani from the Vayu Tanmatra (air)? Padam from the Agni Tanmatra (fire)? Upastha from the Apas Tanmatra (water)? and Guda from the Prithivi Tanmatra (earth). That man who? restraining the organs of action? sits revolving in his mind thoughts regarding the objects of the senses is a man of sinful conduct. He is selfdeluded. He is a veritable hypocrite.The organs of action must be controlled. The thoughts should also be controlled. The mind should be firmly fixed on the Lord. Only then will you become a true Yogi. Only then will you attain to Selfrealisation.

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 3.6

Karmendriyaani samyamya ya aaste manasaa smaran; Indriyaarthaan vimoodhaatmaa mithyaachaarah sa uchyate.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 3.6

karma-indriyāṇi—the organs of action; sanyamya—restrain; yaḥ—who; āste—remain; manasā—in the mind; smaran—to remember; indriya-arthān—sense objects; vimūḍha-ātmā—the deluded; mithyā-āchāraḥ—hypocrite; saḥ—they; uchyate—are called