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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 41

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 3 श्लोक 41

तस्मात्त्वमिन्द्रियाण्यादौ नियम्य भरतर्षभ।
पाप्मानं प्रजहि ह्येनं ज्ञानविज्ञाननाशनम्।।3.41।।

हिंदी अनुवाद - स्वामी तेजोमयानंद

।।3.41।। इसलिये हे अर्जुन तुम पहले इन्द्रियों को वश में करके ज्ञान और विज्ञान के नाशक इस कामरूप पापी को नष्ट करो।।

Kumara Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

One who is interested in qualifying for jnana yoga or the cultivation of Vedic knowledge must restrain the natural out going tendency of the five senses from pursuing sense objects. But the mighty enemy kama or lust covertly causes dissent in the enquiring of atma tattva or realisation of the soul and contrarily causes enthusiasm for procuring the delights of the senses. One understanding that the senses operate in their own natural sphere within the physical body, directs them to perform the appropriate occupational duties according to ones rank and station in life in karma yoga or the performance of prescribed Vedic activities and thus the senses are constrained. Lord Krishna thus gives the key to vanquishing this great enemy known as kama which is so terrible and which destroys both jnana or spiritual knowledge and vijnana or spiritual wisdom.