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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 Verse 28

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 3 श्लोक 28

तत्त्ववित्तु महाबाहो गुणकर्मविभागयोः।
गुणा गुणेषु वर्तन्त इति मत्वा न सज्जते।।3.28।।

हिंदी अनुवाद - स्वामी तेजोमयानंद

।।3.28।। परन्तु हे महाबाहो गुण और कर्म के विभाग के सत्य (तत्त्व)को जानने वाला ज्ञानी पुरुष यह जानकर कि गुण गुणों में बर्तते हैं (कर्म में) आसक्त नहीं होता।।

Kumara Vaishnava Sampradaya - Commentary

In respect of the three gunas or modes of material nature being sattva or goodness, rajas or passion and tamas or ignorance. That person who is blinded by false ego and bewildered by material nature believes they themselves are the root cause and sole determining factor of all actions they engage in. In the previous verse the word ahankara means bewildered by ego identification or misidentifying the body to be the atma or soul. Such a person is situated in nescience thinking that the interactions of the three gunas in the physical body are the actions of the atma, such a one foolishly considers that they are the doer of their actions. But the tattva- vit or knower of the truth is competent in discerning in all activities the properties and influences of the three gunas as they manifest themselves through ones actions. Whoever becomes proficient in discerning the manifestation of the three gunas in all actions will not commit the error of thinking that they through their body are the doer.