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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Verse 4

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 16 श्लोक 4

दम्भो दर्पोऽभिमानश्च क्रोधः पारुष्यमेव च।
अज्ञानं चाभिजातस्य पार्थ सम्पदमासुरीम्।।16.4।।

हिंदी अनुवाद - स्वामी रामसुख दास जी ( भगवद् गीता 16.4)

।।16.4।।हे पृथानन्दन दम्भ करना? घमण्ड करना? अभिमान करना? क्रोध करना? कठोरता रखना और अविवेकका होना भी -- ये सभी आसुरीसम्पदाको प्राप्त हुए मनुष्यके लक्षण हैं।

English Translation of Sanskrit Commentary By Sri Shankaracharya's

16.4 O son of Prtha, dambhah, religious ostentation; darpah, pride arising from wealth, relatives, etc.; atimanah, haughtiness, as explained earlier; and krodhah, anger; eva ca, as also; parusyam, redeness, using unkind words, e.g. to speak of a blind person as having eyes, an ugly person as handsome, a lowly born man as born of aristocracy, and so on; and ajnanam, ignorance, non-discriminating knowledge, false conception regarding what ought to be and ought not to be done; are (the attributes) abhijatasya, of one destined to have;-destined for what? in answer the Lord says-asurim, demoniacal; sampadam, nature. The conseences of these natures are being stated:

English Translation of Commentary - Dr. S. Sankaranarayan

16.4 See Coment under 16.5

English Translation of Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary

16.4 Dambha or pomposity is the practice of Dharma for earning a reputation for righteousness. Arrogance is the elation caused by the pleasures of sense-objects and the conseent inability to discriminate between what ought to be done and what ought not to be done. Self-conceit is the estimation of oneself in a measure not warranted by ones education and birth. Wrath is the sense of antagonism causing injury to others. Rudeness is the nature of causing grief to Sadhus. Ignorance is incapacity to discriminate between hight and low forms of conduct and principles, and also between what ought to be done and what ought not to be. These are the alities that are found in one born for a demoniac destiny. Asuras are those who rel against the ?ndments of the Lord.

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 16.4

Dambho darpo’bhimaanashcha krodhah paarushyameva cha; Ajnaanam chaabhijaatasya paartha sampadamaasureem.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 16.4

dambhaḥ—hypocrisy; darpaḥ—arrogance; abhimānaḥ—conceit; cha—and; krodhaḥ—anger; pāruṣhyam—harshness; eva—certainly; cha—and; ajñānam—ignorance; cha—and; abhijātasya—of those who possess; pārtha—Arjun, the son of Pritha; sampadam—qualities; āsurīm—demoniac