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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 Verse 6

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 12 श्लोक 6

ये तु सर्वाणि कर्माणि मयि संन्यस्य मत्पराः।
अनन्येनैव योगेन मां ध्यायन्त उपासते।।12.6।।

English Translation - Swami Sivananda

12.6 But to those who worship Me, renouncing all actions in Me, regarding Me as the supreme gaol, meditating on Me with single-minded Yoga.

English Commentary - Swami Sivananda

12.6 ये who? तु but? सर्वाणि all? कर्माणि actions? मयि in Me? संन्यस्य renouncing? मत्पराः regarding Me as the supreme goal? अनन्येन singleminded? एव even? योगेन with the Yoga? माम् Me? ध्यायन्तः meditating? उपासते worship.Commentary Ananya Yoga Unswerving Yoga exclusive? having no other objects of worship or support save the Lord Samadhi.Even in Bhakti Yoga one should not abandon actions. He must perform actions but he will have to dedicate the merits or the fruits to the Lord. (Cf.IX.27)

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 12.6

Ye tu sarvaani karmaani mayi sannyasya matparaah; Ananyenaiva yogena maam dhyaayanta upaasate.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 12.6

ye—who; tu—but; sarvāṇi—all; karmāṇi—actions; mayi—to Me; sannyasya—dedicating; mat-paraḥ—regarding Me as the Supreme goal; ananyena—exclusively; eva—certainly; yogena—with devotion; mām—Me; dhyāyantaḥ—meditating; upāsate—worship; teṣhām—of those; aham—I; samuddhartā—the deliverer; mṛityu-saṁsāra-sāgarāt—from the ocean of birth and death; bhavāmi—(I) become; na—not; chirāt—after a long time; pārtha—Arjun, the son of Pritha; mayi—with Me; āveśhita chetasām—of those whose consciousness is united