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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 53

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 11 श्लोक 53

नाहं वेदैर्न तपसा न दानेन न चेज्यया।
शक्य एवंविधो द्रष्टुं दृष्टवानसि मां यथा।।11.53।।

English Translation - Swami Sivananda

11.53 Neither by the Vedas nor by austerity, nor by gift, nor by sacrifice can I be seen in this form as thou hast seen Me (so easily).

English Commentary - Swami Sivananda

11.53 न not? अहम् I? वेदैः by the Vedas? न not? तपसा by austerity? न not? दानेन by gift? न not? च and? इज्यया by sacrifice? शक्यः (am) possible? एवंविधः like this? द्रष्टुम् to be seen? दृष्टवानसि (thou) hast seen? माम् Me? यथा as.Commentary This Cosmic Form which thou hast seen so easily cannot be obtained either by the study of the Vedas and the six modes of philosophy? nor by the practice of manifold austerities (penances)? nor by charity? nor by sacrifices of various kinds.Arjuna was indeed very fortunate in seeing the Cosmic Form.How can the Lord be seen Listen The heart must be overflowing with true devotion to Him. (Cf.XI.48)

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 11.53

Naa ham vedairna tapasaa na daanena na chejyayaa; Shakya evamvidho drashtum drishtavaanasi maam yathaa.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 11.53

śhrī-bhagavān uvācha—the Supreme Lord said; su-durdarśham—exceedingly difficult to behold; idam—this; rūpam—form; dṛiṣhṭavān asi—that you are seeing; yat—which; mama—of mine; devāḥ—the celestial gods; api—even; asya—this; rūpasya—form; nityam—eternally; darśhana-kāṅkṣhiṇaḥ—aspiring to see; na—never; aham—I; vedaiḥ—by study of the Vedas; na—never; tapasā—by serious penances; na—never; dānena—by charity; na—never; cha—also; ijyayā—by worship; śhakyaḥ—it is possible; evam-vidhaḥ—like this; draṣhṭum—to see; dṛiṣhṭavān—seeing; asi—you are; mām—me; yathā—as