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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 11 Verse 40

भगवद् गीता अध्याय 11 श्लोक 40

नमः पुरस्तादथ पृष्ठतस्ते
नमोऽस्तु ते सर्वत एव सर्व।
सर्वं समाप्नोषि ततोऽसि सर्वः।।11.40।।

English Translation - Dr. S. Sankaranarayan

11.40. Salutation to You in the front and behind; salutation to You, just on all sides, O One Who are All ! You are of infinite might and of immeasurable powers; and You pervade all and hence You are all.

English Translation of Commentary - Dr. S. Sankaranarayan

11.39-40 Namo namah etc. Salutation and salutation : This repetition reveals the intensity of the devotion. What has been taught by the past chapters by the Bhagavat regarding His own intrinsic nature, Arjuna - witnessing the same by perception - declares it openly by way of devotional hymn. Hence, to comment on the hymn would symply amount to the repetition [of what has already been said by us]. Hence, let me (11.Ag.) abstain [from commenting on it].

Transliteration Bhagavad Gita 11.40

Namah purastaadatha prishthatasteNamo’stu te sarvata eva sarva; AnantaveeryaamitavikramastwamSarvam samaapnoshi tato’si sarvah.

Word Meanings Bhagavad Gita 11.40

namaḥ—offering salutations; purastāt—from the front; atha—and; pṛiṣhṭhataḥ—the rear; te—to you; namaḥ astu—I offer my salutations; te—to you; sarvataḥ—from all sides; eva—indeed; sarva—all; ananta-vīrya—infinite power; amita-vikramaḥ—infinite valor and might; tvam—you; sarvam—everything; samāpnoṣhi—pervade; tataḥ—thus; asi—(you) are; sarvaḥ—everything